Bread N Fish

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(a story detailing my own selfishness, pride, and forgetfulness during a time of forsaking God, following my own way, and suffering the consequences)

I don’t want to be selfish, but, rather, selfless,
offering my back to those who strike mine with the cat-o’-nine-tail whip, (John 19:1)
and my cheeks to those who’d tear out the hairs of my beard with their [bare/bear] hands,
neither hide my face from their spit, coarse jesting and contempt, (Isaiah 50:5-6)

neither turn back like Lot’s wife, or be rebellious, (Genesis 19:26)
lest I be fishy and no one buy what I say like a salesman,
a salesman who goes door to door ringing doorbells
trying to sell doorbells on sale quick,

ignoring the voice inwardly, telling myself, “quit!”
conscience seared like salmon well-done, (1 Timothy 4:2)
all the while spiritually smelling like I sell fish,
[I/eye] on the grill left unattended, replaced cause I melted it,
feeling burned having heard “FIRE!”, and smelled stench.

Neither do I want to be injected with hell’s venom, (Luke 10:19)
having been stung with death’s tentacles, (1 Corinthians 15:55)
I in the vice-grip of the man-of-war jellyfish, (Job 6:23a)

red skin from [said-venom/said venom], having it swell and itch,
throbbing pain radiating up the leg and hip
like I was giving birth to a set of twins.

With the sketchy ones pencil I was drawn away into the sepulcher, (James 1:14 + Psalm 5:9)
the stench-filled sewer, lust conceiving sin bringing forth death again, (James 1:15)
David having lain with Bathsheba having messes sent, (2 Samuel 11:4 and 8)
message sent to Joab to leave Uriah at the front like UPS delivering. (2 Samuel 11:14-15)

In the day of vengeance, miserable shall it be for the pregnant women, (Luke 21:22-23)
like those who can’t run in the way of selflessness
because they’re too full of themselves to sprint.

I should’ve remembered Glovedos (pronounced: Glow-vey-dose), even what the city of Brandon was, (Psalm 137:5)
and not be forgetting the lost, rather be for giving to the lost, (Galatians 2:10 + Deuteronomy 15:8)
forgiving the lost, not be for getting lost, thus four or more getting lost,
neither be one of the 99 who left the [one/One]. (Luke 15:4)

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I forgot the law of my mother said to Lemuel, (Proverbs 31:1-5)
and how God through me wrote, “from junkfood to vegetables,”
leaving the strange woman’s house, covered in the smell of perfume, (Proverbs 7:17 and 27)
[I was/eye was] like the bottle where the fly on the wall met it’s end, (Matthew 6:23 + Ecclesiastes 10:1)

left with crust of bread, Head above the clouds like a crescent moon, (Proverbs 6:26)
and fell hard for her when I came down like I fell from heaven too, (Enoch 7:1-2)
not about my Father’s business, when I should have been at the soup kitchen, (Luke 2:49)
following after the knock-out, and ending up with a tooth missing, (Proverbs 25:19, Proverbs 6:33)

(thus missing the wedding supper.) (Matthew 24:40)

having fallen for pride, double-crossed, set up for destruction, (Psalm 7:15)
having heard the Word, but not done it, which is self-deception, (James 1:22)
looking into the mirror, walking away, forgetting what manner of man I was, (James 1:23)
having drunken damage and forgotten the Most Blessed’s Instruction. (Proverbs 26:6, Proverbs 1:8)

No helmet of salvation on, I was like a deer with no antlers, (Ephesians 6:17a)
appearing as a defenseless animal, the elephant with no tusk, (John 19:5)
the hungry hippo full of vegetation and fruits, nowhere to run, (Daniel 5:4, 9)
stuffed sheep among spotted hyena, another predator’s lunch.

Yet God still remembered me like I was Joseph and got me out of that wretched pit, (Genesis 41:14)
out of the lion’s den where they devour flesh and skin, (Daniel 6:24)
where they break bread like bones, salt with savour on snails of the wicked, (Matthew 5:13)
God delivering me from every evil work and preserve me unto His heavenly kingdom. (2 Timothy 4:18)

Given a great job, I work from home, heaven, and get loads of benefits, (Psalm 103:2)
logos medicine, edifying men, on the battlefield like a vocal veteran, (Proverbs 12:18b, Ephesians 4:29)
administering it from far away like mobile messaging,

hardened hearts have no reception, (Matthew 13:15)
no bars like the whole town repented, (Acts 19:18)
wicked strongholds going down in demolition; (2 Corinthians 4:8)
[strip-clubs,/strip clubs,] wrecking them, (Jeremiah 1:10)
walls of Jericho falling with vocal weaponry, (Joshua 6:20)

scoring points for the Lord like Lebron in the fourth
and filling the basket with loaves of bread and fish, (Joshua 6:24, John 6:13)
entering His courts with praise, talented dancing like Les Twins, (Psalm 100:4b)
feet of God working better than Lil Buck’s; yeah, even better than his,

for by Him I’ve been chosen. He picked me. He picked me up. (1 Peter 2:9, Psalm 91:14)
He picked me up in a firetruck;
in a Firetruck, pullin’ in: loads of breaded fish. (Luke 5:6)

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I want good dexterity and attention to detail like a welder,
my focus on the goal like that of a captain, [honor/on a] [fellowship/fellow ship],
for through the words of the [testament/tested Man] do I overcome the devil with, (Revelation 12:11)
my testimony: I was a lost sheep, found by the Shepherd-Spirit, (Luke 15:32)

God is the Director. I don’t want to be [scene:/seen] begging for bread and fish, (Psalm 37:25)
lest I get … [“CUT”/CUT] and it sting like a scorpion,
for not following the Lord’s [Super-Script, shin/Superscription], (Jeremiah 28:16)

hit with a [mega bite/megabyte] like a hungry man cocktailed-shrimp,
space eaten like the [GB’s/Gameboy has/game-boy’s) been lessened,

chunk of my [mussel/muscle] removed like mail from mailmen,
[sent/scent] like [mailmen/male men],
ending up in the mouth of the [terrier/tarrier], (2 Timothy 4:7)
Jonah in the whale’s stomach, the belly of the beast. (Jonah 1:17)

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I myself have been eating up space like I need to [downsize/down size],
like height, length, depth, width, having no care for the measurement,
doing whatever I want to like not caring for the management, (Isaiah 32:9)
eating whatever is in front of me with no care for the recipe, (Proverbs 23:1)

neither taking the time to see who was the chef that cooked, (Proverbs 23:1)
double-taking, eating thirds and fourths without a second look,
everything edible an ingredient I could make a sandwich with,
drinking the wine of violence, eating flesh between the bread of lust, (Proverbs 4:17)

when going into a restaurant, ordering, eating, and leaving with the rest of it, (Matthew 23:4)
waiters having waited coming, seeing I hadn’t left a tip, (Matthew 21:19, Luke 17:17)
neither paid for my food, but left saying, “I’m blessing you,”
saying, “be ye warmed and filled,” deterring them from Christ to my own detriment. (James 21:6)

A nervous wreck calling “shotgun” while Christ was in the garden sweating bullets, (Luke 22:44)
I having gone off to get bread, applying vinegar to the teeth of the samaritan woman. (John 4:8, Proverbs 10:26)
When it was in my hand I felt like He had passed the sop to me, soaked like a wet sponge, (John 13:26, Matthew 27:48)
for I had betrayed Him like Judas, the son of [Iscariot/a-scary-‘it’]. (Matthew 26:14-16)

I didn’t visit those in the hospital, neither those distressed in prison, (Matthew 25:43)
neither the diabetic with the Metformin, rather shed innocent blood, (Proverbs 6:16)
gave them the silent treatment and acted like I never met Jesus, (Matthew 26:72)
a Peter denying Christ at least 3 times. For it I wept grievously, (Matthew 26:74-75)

paws with claws swiping credit card, for I once knew no limit like the very rich,
taking in what I had put out, getting a taste of my own medicine, (Galatians 6:7)
having sold what would mess up limbs, taking it all in like melonin,
to being blessed by the [Son/sun,] covered in the blood, my SPF 100. (Psalm 121:6, Matthew 27:25)

I should have taken in the homeless like kittens from rescue missions,
the sower who sowed good seed, not the one snapping the neck of pigeons, (Matthew 13:3)
but throw them a worm that they may go back to their egg-filled nest and rest, (Matthew 15:32)
and catch them with they fall, not be the ostrich unmindful of who steps on them. (Job 39:15)

“If against God, by acting like adulteresses, if the land sins
and He stretch out His Hand against it to cut off its expected provision,
to send a whole famine through it, and to cut off from it both man and animal,
then even if these three men — Noah, Job, and Daniel were in it,
their righteousness could deliver only themselves”, declares Heaven’s President. (Ezekiel 14:13-14)


(a story partially-written while writing with my beautiful niece, Arhya, and finished the next day. It speaks a little of the 1,000 years of peace, but mostly the New Heaven and the New Earth. It is a great setting for the Imagination Space Station. Try it! P.S. the words in ‘red’ are the words we got from having rolled a dice, and using the three pictures as inspiration for a story)

…Once upon a time there was a planet in space.
It spun and attracted light like a stick at carnival cotton candy.
It belonged to a man name Ubey, (pronounced: You-Be). He was one of a kind.
He got it from the Planet Maker, P.M., the Master and Creator of Time.

There was no clock, for there no longer was time;
there was no need for light, P.M. was the Light,
a big flashlight which made the darkness go away,
therefore the hands clapped and gave The Planet Maker, P.M., an encore,

therefore with their legs they gave him standing ovation;
daily did they do this, happy as they could be, a smile always on their face.

There was nothing but love there, and no hate,
so there was peace and joy everywhere.
It was the soil for the planets and the water the wildlife drank.
No one hungered, neither thirsted, but ate to the full like lungs breathing air, and had fun doing it! Also, there were no food allergies,
neither any weight gain. Everyone stayed in beautiful shape,
and kept their wonderful figures, having no abnormalities.

The planet, Bearth, (pronounced like the word, ‘Birth’), was a wonderful place
with no evil, where every person, place, and thing was in perfect harmony,
under the rules of P.M., the Correct Curfew. People gave to others as they were moved,
it has no sadness, no weeping, no mourning, neither any lack or poverty too;
a place where the burdens have been lifted and the pain is no more,
and good is never-ending, and only gets better and better.

singing songs

Those who write books teach the books, and share their writings with others, giving the Maker credit, for the Maker writes and speaks through them too;
and those who sing songs give the interpretation of the lyrics,
sharing their songs with others, honoring the Creator for what he blessed them to do,
for the Creator sings and plays through them too,
everyone sharing, learning, and growing like trees producing fruit.

Some places have an atmosphere of love with an invisible,
yet tangible, and beautiful scent and smell,
like if someone sprayed perfume in the room and such attracted wind
like the window of a loving home hosting a bride waits for the bridegroom to come in;

two worlds having collided, it is like heaven and earth combined,
where things are done with the perfect timing, light having the perfect shine,
where good is so close no one needs to search at all,
for whatever a person wants to learn at all
they learn it all from teachers and instructors who are all men and women after perfect love.

On Bearth all live with P.M. are in His presence nonstop,
having become one desire, mind, shepherd and flock,
one home, one faith, have one mercy, and love;
all having one purse, one wallet,
share what they have with one another:
sister and brother, Father and mother, aunt and uncle,
in-laws and cousins there for each other in every way possible.

There there are no ailments of any kind: pains, aches, hurts, or wounds,
where all do things for the Maker as they serve you to the benefit of all, and not live wicked at all,
but do their best with what they’re given from for the cause,
get the most out of their time, whomever and whatever is involved,

and have their light so shine before men like a light-bulb;
so much light you would think there was a light-show;
a light so bright in the sky you could see it with your eyes closed;
so bright you would think there were, happening at once, 1,000 sunrises at that moment;

beautiful colors of all kinds like you’d see in a kaleidoscope;
greens, blues, yellows, purples, reds, whites, and golds,
an infusion of color you’d find on a rainbow, but multiplied 5-fold.

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People can think of a place and be there like teleportation,
even think of someone and be with them like they were translated.
Every pain and heartache is healed, and people have a new immortal body that is
perfect and you will never know want or sorrow again.

You are not only there with the people that have lived since long ago,
and the beloved pets you have loved over the years also,
but also kind animals once wild, having been changed all over,
beautiful creatures and beings previously unheard of but seen, created to love you.

Everything is alive and sings their adoration for their Maker,
even the grass on the ground, and the rocks and the caves do.
There is no sun, as the Maker is it’s Forever-Flashlight,
whose Path is bright and light passionately shines.

The love that is felt is like none other and it completely envelops you,
along with everyone and everything, surrounding it like crisp air that soothes.

You are living in perfect peace, love and understanding.
Every dream you have had or will have is met, and never ending,
in that you will have new dreams to follow any time you like,
things you may never have thought of at any time.

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You live in this perfection and participate in its growth.
As you grow it grows and everyone does too.
Love and knowledge is shared and grows too.

You also are not alone, as you’ll also have someone like an intimate twin
to go through eternity with that you feel perfect love and compatibility with.
Together along with everyone else it truly is like that of the real Eden.

There is no anger, jealousy, pride, doubt, fear, sadness or rage,
or any of the other things that have kept you trapped in a cage.
If you had lost a baby or if you had wanted to be a parent
your children are waiting for you,
saying, “mommy,” or, “daddy, Come here. Quick!
wanting a hug from you like family finally reunited,
with open arms to invite you in. (Doesn’t that sound nice? Mmm?)

As you will have all the blessings that were stolen from you
from the past restored to you within the Maker’s full glory.
You also will find the blessings and rewards the Creator prepared for you
that you earned while in the past like when you shared His good.

Your family is restored to you as He had promised,
as He has promised in His word. Therefore there are no concerns.
You will not want as your desires are met and fulfilled,
as you are truly within His perfect will.

God and girl

I tell you now, this is all true and much, much more,
what you need to understand is there is an enemy who wants a closed door,
not wanting you to believe this, for even he knows it is true.
He knows because he was there and truly does not want anyone to get renewed,
because he is not and wants to take you down with him,
you, your friends, your friends, and even your children.

Please know there is something worth fighting for
and it is not in the current world,
it truly is in eternity,
on the New Heaven and the New Earth.

Thus says the Maker, “So, will you spend it with Me or in Hell?”
(If you are not sure what Hell is like, it is far worse than jail.
You cannot imagine it even if you tried to.
Pick the worst place with the worst condition,
at the minimum it is that multiplied by two.)

There are a lot of videos on youtube that will tell you of people’s visits,
it is even worse than that.” (Imagine at the minimum it tripled.)
“Let go of all anger and unforgiveness and come to Me repenting
as I truly will help you remove everything keeping you from Me.

(If you ask and, if you let me…)

I want you all to live in the reality that I meant for you,
to be with me for all eternity.” Be healed by the Truth.

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A new beginning…

1 – Heaven Is Meant To Be Your Reality Message 40
2 – Spoken Word given to me by the Lord: “The Reality of it All

Pictures, (though, not all) from: My beloved friend Irina:

Altar: The Lord my Communucation

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“That with one mind, and with one mouth, you may glorify God and the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ.” (Romans 15:6)

“But if we walk in the light, as He is in the light, [we’ll] have fellowship with [Him]…” (1 John 1:7)

“…as they move at God’s will, [round about by His counsels], they do all that God commands, everywhere throughout the world.” (Job 37:12 GNT+KJV)

“And you will again obey the voice of the LORD and follow all His commandments I am giving you today.” (Deuteronomy 30:8)

“Whether you turn to the right or to the left, your ears will hear a voice behind you, saying, ‘This is the way; walk in it.'” (Isaiah 30:21)

(fast forward from morning to the bus stop)

I got on the bus, hoping to put this new gift, this gift of counsel, insight, hearing from God, purity and fellowship into action. I greeted the driver, sat down, and prayed to the Lord for who to talk to. I heard Him say, “talk to the man, and then to the woman,” so I did. I tried to talk to the man but his English was poquito, (meaning: ‘small’, or, ‘a little bit of’), so I told Him, “Jesús te ama,” which means, “Jesus loves you.”

I then went back over to my original spot and spoke with the driver, for I got done talking with the man. We talked of dreams and aspirations. I told her of my dream of becoming a writer and dancer. I asked her about hers. She said it was between God and her. We spoke some more, I prayed for her, and eventually the train came to the Chamblee station, so I got off and went about my business.

I walked into the station and went up the escalator. On my way up I thought, “I wonder who I can talk to about Jesus. On my way up the escalator, when I was near the top I saw a man near one of the big pillars. When I saw the man, (who was in a hoodie), I thought to myself, “maybe this is the one.” I walked past him a bit and didn’t say a word. I asked the Lord [what I should do?] and what was said in my mind was, “dance.” So I danced.

(As an aside, I don’t hear these things audibly, as in, like person speaking to person out loud, but from a stream of thoughts, where I thinking then ride on Holy Spirit’s flow, by faith believing God is speaking, or will speak, for “if you ask you shall receive”, and “blessed are the pure in heart for they shall [hear from] God.” The bible also says in Psalm 4:4 to “commune with your own heart,” and, if one has the heart of God they can commune back and forth with Him from the heart, I believe.)


I got on the train and sat near an elderly man, who, by the looks looked about 75 or so, and wondered if I should talk to him. He was resting, so I didn’t want to disturb him. That I shouldn’t was confirmed for I asked the Lord if I should talk to this man and the Lord said, “no. Let him rest,” so I didn’t.

I saw another man nearby who looked down, like life had beat him up: red eyes, not so happy facial expression, etc., so I wanted to go and talk to him. I asked the Lord and got permission to. I got up, went over, and just started talking after a while. We spoke of where we lived, where we were from, art, and the like. I got to share my business card with the guy, then went to work.

I’m unsure of details before this, but I got on the train going to chamblee, (Dorville), (I believe I prayed to the Lord and He told me to speak to a man then a woman? Maybe I’m getting it mixed up with the morning? I’m unsure at the moment… but, anyways) somehow I ended up near a woman, and while sitting there I sat behind a woman eating some food on the train. I spoke to her of how the rules say not to, as it is written, “So those who refuse to obey the laws of the land are refusing to obey God, and punishment will follow.” (Romans 13:2 TLB)

She blew me off, telling me not to talk to her, like, to mind my own business and to step off. Though she told me that, I learned from the Lord to persevere with people, and to not go away when things like that arise, as the Word says, in Mark 4 that ‘the seed on rocky places gets hyped up, but once difficulty and persecution, or some roadblock comes they quickly fall away. Then there’s the seed on thorns, which gets choked up and becomes unfruitful.’

At her treating me this way I remembered the word of the Lord, Ezekiel 2:7, which states, “But speak My words to them, whether they listen or refuse to listen, for they are rebellious,” and tried to tell her of my experience where I once ate on the train,

not knowing that the rules were not to, for the Word of God says to ‘warn your neighbor, lest they die in their sins, and if you do, whether they hear it and follow suit, or reject, you’ve delivered your own soul.’ (Ezekiel 3:18-21) Once I learned that it was against the rules to eat on the train I stopped. This is what I first wanted to say, but couldn’t finish, for she cut me off.

Secondly, after she did that, I tried to mention how people work for Marta get on the train too, and that it would have been ugly for them to catch her doing that, but, again, she blew me off halfway through, and insisted on her own way, then spoke with her own self while looking out the window.

I speak this, for though I thought the woman whom I thought I was going to primarily speak to was not the one I did immediately speak with I ended up speaking with someone else. It also shows how God may try to speak to us too, and we may blow him off with and in our selfishness, lust for riches, and foolishness, rejecting what He has for us, including this intimate fellowship.

I tried speaking to the woman to my right, and she wasn’t interested. I said, “hola,” and she didn’t respond, as if she didn’t hear me. I then spoke, “buenos tardes,” (which is, in spanish, ‘good afternoon,’). I said it twice at different points, for I felt really awkward at the moment, and at either one of these she looked up a bit, then got back into being glued to her phone, like one extremely captivated by something. This interaction was extremely stale, for her phone was the object of her affection at the time, (and she may have been busy doing something else, for she did put the phone to her ear at some point…)

In my speaking with people based on all this counsel things went great, and there was much fruitfulness.

I got on the bus to go home, the 132, and sat down in the section for the disabled, as it was closest to the door, and the nearest place to sit. I sat down, looked around, and noticed three women talking with one another. I felt like I stuck out like a sore thumb, not out of insecurity, but that I felt like I should be some place else on the bus for the Lord to move.

I prayed to the Lord where I should go and He told me, “between the man and the woman,” so I went there. I sat there, and partially thought to speak with the man to my right. He had earphones in, so that was a turn-off. I then looked to the woman in front of him, and she didn’t have them in. I prayed to the Lord, “can I talk to her?” and the Lord said, “don’t.” I did again and I got the same answer, so I didn’t.

(As an aside, because the Word says in 2 Corinthians 13:1, “In the mouth of two or three witnesses shall every word be established,” I many times pray 2-3 times for things, (mostly 2, hardly 3), and if the word is the same I go with it.)

I then sat on the seat to my left, (for there were groups of two), turned to my right and spoke with the man behind me, saying, “hey, I think I’ve seen you around on the bus and whatnot. What’s up?” He told me his name, I told him mine, and we chatted. While talking he brought up work. He asked me about my work status, mentioning having asked such for he had been looking for a job for around 2-3 months or so, and asked if where I worked was hiring.

I wrote down my boss’s and manager’s info, gave it to him, then told him of my testimony, how I was at church near where I live, First Baptist Atlanta, in the cafeteria area, and a man, (Vernan), walked up to me, sat down at my table, and asked me if I was looking for a job. I said, “yeah.” Vernan and I talked, and he gave me his boss’s phone info, and from the boss I got an application for the job, filled it out, and got the job the next day, (or 2 days later? .. I’m unsure).

From our speaking I noticed he was comfortable concerning talk of God, and I prayed out loud to him that whatever God had in store for Him I believed God would give him: that, and more!

I got off the bus once I got home and started speaking with a man whom I had previously spoken to once or twice before. This person I had seen on the bus, wondering if I should have talked with him when I first got on the bus, but the Lord thought otherwise.

We walked, and talked, and I felt the conversation was stale, for he was smoking a cigarette, (which I don’t like, neither the smell. I try to avoid such like the plague), so I was 10 feet or so in front, turning around and speaking every now and then, but decided to pray in tongues after a while, as I felt led and inspired to.

After a while I (asked him if he liked rap?), and from that we started free-styling. Before we did I asked him to give me a word and he said, “shoe,” so I went with that. It was a fun time. I spoke some, he chimed in, and we laughed together. We parted ways, and I told him that Jesus loves him, and then went home.

(much more happened in the rest of the day, but that’s how my day was June 14th, from around 10:00 AM when I get on the bus to around 3:25ish PM when I was walking home. End of report!)

Thanks for reading. May the Lord according to His will for your life too bless you with greater intimacy with Him, a greater love for His Word, and relationship with His Spirit! Amen.

Drawing: A piece of the Wide-Water-World

picture drawing

This is a picture I drew when drawing with my niece. Another gift the Lord has blessed me with, other than dancing, and writing, is drawing. He has given me a love for the arts and has put it within me to draw.

I used to draw a lot when I was a kid, doing it all the time. He gave me great talent, and I’d be praised for my drawing as a child, the teacher holding it up in class when I was a child, they saying, “hey, look everyone, look at what Brandon drew,” and I’d watch it all, hoping for the picture back so I could continue my drawing.

Anyways, this is a drawing I did off the top of my head, and from the heart, the first part, (part 2) being inspired by a house I saw in a picture I randomly pulled up on the internet, I having asked Holy Spirit to pick it for me, then hitting a button to get a random picture, like I got for the story “The Sky-Bridge,” and receiving this.


The 1st thing is a water-tunnel pumper-spitter. It sucks up water from the ocean at 3 different points and spits it out at 4 different points. It’s like a water slide if someone got sucked up into it 😛


The 2nd is a fun-house that sucks up water and spits it out at 4 different points. It has a [race track/hop-scotch path] leading into it, has corridors that lead into the ocean (like jumping off a diving board) and a path that leads to the Wonderful Whirlpool. It’s patio has 2 chairs, (great spot for fishing) and I’ve yet to come up with what’s on the inside O_O


The third part is … I don’t know, a learning enter? It’s where people become enlightened on water, the things of water: swimming, diving, snorkeling, etc., and then when people learn they go out and practice what they’ve learned. It has light shining from it brightly.


The fourth part is the wonderful whirlpool. One gets sucked up into it (like a black hole sucks up things) and spits them out someplace random.

(Thanks for reading, whomever you are. Continue to pursue your passions and follow your dreams!)

The Child in the Womb

(a poem stemming from prayer with the Lord, containing revelation received, written while walking to church. It also speaks of my past disobedience, expounds on abortion, and brings to light a deep knowledge of God, that Christ lives in us!)

Doing the will of God would make you a mother of the Lord, (Matthew 12:50)
and I would think when a woman has a child her consumption would be more,
for she’s nurturing a child in the womb,
her eating was once just for one. Now it’s for two.

Therefore you need to be reading the Word that you may be eating the Word, (Job 34:3)
hungering and thirsting after righteousness, receiving the Word, (Matthew 5:6)
having your cup filled up to the full, drinking the Word, (Psalm 23:5)
for Christ is in you like a child in the womb, therefore you’re feeding the Word.

Our bodies are made up of 50-60% water.
If faith was your water how much would you have in your body?
If you have too little you’ll die. The just shall live by faith, (Habakkuk 2:4)
and if love for God was blood how much would you have in your veins?

The will of God is the meat of the Word. (John 4:34)
Depending on how much of it you do how much muscle would you have. Mmmm?
Because faith is like water and love is like blood,
and His will is meat what kind of body would you have. Mmmm?

Those who have faith will thirst no more. (John 6:35)
Those who seek Him will hunger no more. (John 6:35)
Those who don’t work won’t eat. (2 Thessalonians 3:10)
If you’re lazy be concerned.

If you take Him for granted then that’s child abduction.
If you don’t do His will or believe then that’s His malnutrition.
God is Spirit. What do you think He wants to eat and drink? (John 4:24a)
Or is the kingdom of God in meat and drink? (Romans 14:27a)

Is it not a Righteous Restaurant? where peace flows like a river of life?
and joy in the Holy Ghost is your dinner for life? (Romans 14:27)

But if you’re bitter you’ll be skinny like the twig of a tree,
sickly, producing no fruit, vineyard full of thorns, thistles and weeds, (Proverbs 24:30-31)
being plucked off and cast into the fire where the hypocrites are at. (Matthew 24:51)
or did you not know rebellion was synonymous with witchcraft?
and idolatry like getting into magic? (1 Samuel 15:23)

Therefore don’t throw your bones into the cauldron,
but throw a bone to my Dog so He can fetch.

You say you’re married to God, but why aren’t you helping the Father with His Kid?
Why are you keeping His letters from Him like all you want for Him is death?

Don’t you know He’s the very One who has your lungs filled up with air?
Or do you think He’ll let you down like Repunzel with the hair?

He is greater than Prince Charming; at the top of the Strong Tower (Proverbs 18:10)
He’s there watching, so it’s a watch-tower. (Proverbs 7:10)
No one knows the day or hour, even the One at the top of the clock-tower. (Matthew 24:36)

Feather or piano the devil would have you much fatter,
that you be like Hansel and Gretel in the oven plumped after,
infected with something cancerous like lung cancer,
for how can such antelope escape a young panther?

Therefore because you don’t keep up with the Lord he’ll catch you when he runs after you,
flattering you, that when he sees you he’ll say, “you get [none-pasture/none past you]!” (Psalm 23:2a, Proverbs 7:13-14)

God pursuing

If you’re on the top of the temple he’d be like, “jump, so I can catch you!” (Matthew 4:9)
when he just wants to capture you.
You think you’re moving, but in one place like you’re on a stair-master,
not being who you should be like you’re a stunt-double,

not playing your part, rather reading the enemy’s script while he’s providing lines for you,
that you no more smell the Lord’s fragrance, neither realize He died for you,
in Him, killing yourself and Him, so He’s re-crucified double,
for the enemy’s thoughts are mind-of-Christ numbing,

child dying inside of your tummy, right before the wedding wife running,
like she’s trying to be breaking-record-time stunning,
actions speaking like a tranquilizer gun firing on repeat,
you moving from place to place like there’s fire in your seat, (Proverbs 7:11 and 26)

going with every wind of doctrine like a little leaf, (Ephesians 4:14)
going with and knowing this one and that one, the soul-ties like children’s sneaks,

being in lust, conceiving sin, bringing forth death, reproduction like intimate bunnies, (James 1:15)
your litter thrown out like trash taken out twice in one week.

God forever pursues us, that’s Life infinitely coming,
therefore dying with the Son, don’t dash lest you’re left behind, missing the party,
stuck washing dishes like a guy for rent money.

(How could you miss Christ Wedding Feast?)

or were you too busy living your dreams .. while you were asleep? (1 Thessalonians 5:6)
don’t you know prisoners get visitors? so .. why weren’t you free?  (Matthew 25:36c + John 8:36)

Better get your house in order. When He comes may He not find it ugly, (2 Kings 20:1)
stench so bad it makes someone want to pinch something.

The hand of the Lord is strong. The chance of you handling it’s nothing. (Psalm 38:2)
Don’t you know if the wicked go hand in hand they’re still punished? (Proverbs 11:21)

One of my request as a Christian is to be amongst a family, and be a big brother to someone’s little sister,
we all one big family because of loving one another as Christians should.

Did you know we were all in God before we came to the earth?
all of God’s children in Him before we were placed in the womb? (Psalm 90:1)
Therefore I want to treat people like family that I may be a doer of the Word, (James 1:22)
not only a hearer, lest I be like the blind man staring deeply into a mirror. (James 1:23)

Cause I want to be for God and not (at that time) say, “I forgot,”
cause if I’m for God then I won’t forget,
and if I truly, deeply, do forget then it’s cause I’m for getting,
when I should be forgiving, therefore for giving, for God has forgiven me. (Ephesians 4:32)

[a]Be it neglect, theft, disobedience, laziness, eating disorders,
greed, gluttony, covetousness, abortion, or even murder,

God waits for you for He knows some day you’re going to wake up
and realize your practices are not bringing peace but war.
neither happiness but grief and sorrow.

Heed this warning:
This world and your eternal destination,
where would you go if you’d leave tomorrow?

[a] = Make a Passionate Proclamation of Our Love for Jesus –

Pictures all made by my wonderful, beloved little sister: Irina the Portugaulitiss

Burdened and Grieved

Image may contain: one or more people

(Jesus in the Garden of Gethsemane)

I was praying and saw a similarity between what I’m going through and scripture. The format I saw from Matthew 26 was this, “grieved & praying > flesh rebell > friends sleeping > betrayal > things happening for scripture’s sake > (people have seen and do/will see) > persecution” … for in my times of feeling really bad the Lord gave me the rhema on May 17th,:

“whenever you are seized by melancholy,
let your thoughts dwell on that fateful night
on which the Son of God began the work of redemption
in the solitude of Gesthsemane and offer your own sufferings
to the divine Father along with the suffering of Jesus”,

and then, I wanting to get out of all the suffering somehow someway was my flesh rebelling, like Jesus’s rebelled, (He said it in one of His messages), and then I going to my friends but not getting what I desired I believe is like my friends sleeping on me, and then the betrayal was like … me feeling like God betrayed me, (though God doesn’t do evil), and after seeking Him I believe these things are happening for righteousness’s sake, and for the salvation of souls, and people, (even at work), have seen, and do/will see how I react, (so I gotta walk righteously), and there’ll be persecution O_O it’s quite something but forewarned is forearmed. Let’s see how the days go… :/