U-sed 2 B … E-lektra

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My love for her shall be at its A-pex B-cause when I C her
she to me shall be more than D-elicious,
and E-ven if someone F-fiminate impersonated G-sus (Matthew 24:5)
the H-ent of days, I would fly away like a J-bird with her. (Daniel 7:9, 1 Thessalonians 4:17)

She is my chocolate milk and I want a whole K-s of her
like I’m still in LMNtary school N-joying her O-ver and over.

She has me mind my P-s and Q-s.
Why, my teddy bear from Toys RS is my drink, my [sweet T/sweety].

I learn from her like I am at U-niversity, (Proverbs 31:26)
and go to her like she’s an IV league,

so I get [double use/W‘s] from [and in her/an ‘enter’].
At the sight of her it’s like a dress without a dot
appears on her body of text and all becomes [calm/’com’].

X-amine her fruits and [her attitude/added-to’d/added-2’d] for she is Y-s (Matthew 7:16)
and is a Z-bra, a cure for dis-Z-is of every kind. (Genesis 7:2)

MABee if you could C how D-eep she is in the E-vning
you’d know you can’t F-ford to show up in G-ns
when you haven’t seen her in H-is.

So I’m not JK-ing when I say she’s been through LM street and back, (Psalm 23:4)
MT, fighting NMEs O-penly 2 restore order and P-s.

Don’t let her Q-tness fool U for she is a 1 woman R-my (Proverbs 6:25)
with an S on her chest, cap-10 of her team;
A ray of light like a U-V; (John 8:12)

Some-1 who can W and give you X-tra,
so Y be catching Z’s when you can catch a glimpse of the 1
who used to be … E-lektra. (Genesis 17:15)


Speak On Their Behalf

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Recently, God Almighty has taught me a new way how to pray. It is to pray from someone else’s perspective, speaking to God Almighty as if the person is speaking to God.

I believe it would be comforting, as God wants to hear from His creation, and He’d want to be reconciled with them.

Now, the bible says, “Therefore confess your sins to each other and pray for each other so that you may be healed. The prayer of a righteous man has great power to prevail.” (James 5:16)

From that, one, knowing another person’s sins, even their life, having remembrance and knowledge of such, may pray from their perspective to God, even that they may be healed, for one with the Holy Spirit may be led in prayer to pray as they ought to pray, even according to the will of God, that one who does not do it, even as they should, may be reconciled to God through similar circumstance like if the person them-self prayed it.

Now, Proverbs 31:8 says, “Open your mouth for those with no voice…” Therefore, because the person may not communicate with God, even by walking in the light, speaking from their perspective may bring the person back to God, as I, inspired by the Holy Spirit and His anointing said, “Speak to Him about Your friends, especially those who don’t know Him, neither have salvation.”

This is a very humbling, self-less experience, not a narcissistic, pride-filled time of conversation, for if one doesn’t even speak from their own perspective but someone else’s in love it is a great act of charity and self-lessness, one removing their own self from the conversation, praying like they’re their Holy Spirit, interceding through them on behalf of their own self.

Praise the Lord!

A Heart-Seeker

(a poem about the Bridegroom’s viewpoint of the Bride, stemming from an interaction with a very anxious woman at work)

1 – Lovely, I am not a palm-reader, rather a heart-seeker. (1 Samuel 13:14)
2 – Let me place both hands on each cheek and read your mind by
looking deep into your eyes and listening to you speak your mind!
3 – Yes, my two palms reading both sides of the book of life
near the lines of your smile, bringing me back to life.

4 – Bride, don’t be taken aback or blindsided,
5 – for I took a lash on my back while every bat of the eye
was like a lash on my back and a bat to my eye. (Psalms 38:11)

6 – Lovely, you are not a pain, neither is serving you any trouble,
for it is deliverance, and afterwards my comfort. (2 Corinthians 1:6)

7 – Martha, you’re not a burden, or a bother,
rather a finger of God lifted
to help me carry my cross
by taking on a splinter. (Matthew 23:4)

8 – So, to accept you, it would be my cross;
to wait for you would be my pleasure; (James 1:2-4)
therefore, to die to myself and live with you is like Heaven. (Philippians 1:21)
9 – Yes, because Jesus is here with us
it’s like I’m already there.

10 – My [Miel/Meal], I imagine petting our pet dinosaur ‘Thesaurus’
while you eat Synonym Toast Crunch,
while I watch my [sun-set/son sit] by the fireplace,
11 – I like Nebuchadnezzar looking on a child of God
and Azariah in the flames. (Daniel 3:25)

12 – Listen, it’s a waste of my time for me
to care what people think of you
when I could rather spend that time thinking of you. (Matthew 6:27)

13 – My love, what did you do when you messed up?
other than made me laugh, by that, what have you done?
14 – And why do you say ‘sorry’ so much? Aren’t you forgiven?
Have you forgiven yourself? If not, wouldn’t it help?

15 – Even if you happened to marry another man
I hope and pray I be the best man at the wedding,
16 – or at least be in your husband’s life
… and become his best friend … at the wedding.

17 – Baby, when you are flawed you are even more beautiful
for if you were perfect there’d be nothing for me to do!
18 – Just like one can’t raise kids who don’t need parents
how could anyone be with anyone who doesn’t need help? Mmmm?

19 – When you cry I’ll rush by your side
and stand by you like Mount Rushmore by your side, (Psalm 125)
20 – for I and am moved by the
faith-of-a-mustard-seed belief in me twinkle in your eyes, (Matthew 17:20)
and in a moments time can’t help but come for my bride.

21 – Love, take things one step at a time
like you naturally breathe one breath at a time. (Matthew 6:3)
22 – And even if you (over)think about breathing,
then relax, at least your heart’s beating;
calm down, it means you’re alive, not dyin’! (James 2:26)
23 – and it’s not the end of the world…
until fully the gospel is preached, my friend. (Matthew 24:14)

24 – So, my wife, let us hold each other instead of holding hands,
and silently pray for each other while we slow dance,
25 – the beating of our heart be a slow jam,
our minds drifting off into unknown lands,

26 – till you drift off and I pick you up and carry you like a cross,
and take you all the way to the place of my heart. (Matthew 27:33)

27 – My bride, if I grew tired you would be my pump.
28 – If my name was taken while in vain
and I was slain you would be my blood.

29 – Again, if you looked down immediately I’d rush to your side
And place the side of your head on my heart
30 – that you could hear my heartbeat, the crackle of the fire,
my heartbeat like the kick of a child. (John 13:23)

30 – 2nd Eve, our child shall be a “quickening” spirit. (1 Corinthians 15:45)
They shall run swiftly with their legs. (Psalms 147:15)
31 – Shall they not be sent forth to Manchester
to those who shall inherit salvation? (Hebrews 1:14)

32 – They shall stretch out their wings in the land (Psalm 89:25)
and establish a city like David’s, while in the navy.

33 – He shall walk uprightly and work for righteousness
and speak of you in his heart. (Psalm 15:2)
34 – He shall not lash back with his tongue no matter the back lash,
as he shall be a pacifist, even after he passes on. (Psalm 15:3, Isaiah 50:7)

35 – Remember: God let us borrow him. A soul is like a coin, (Luke 15:9)
and eventually God will want his quarter back/quarterback. (Job 1:21)

36 – So, on the flip side let’s seek the face of Jesus
And [let us/lettuce] give what is God’s to God and Ceaser’s to Ceaser. (Mark 12:17)

Be a Doer of the Word (Rap Freestyle Demo)

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(verse 1 of an unfinished song)

1 – Don’t just be a hearer of the word but a doer also,
2 – likewise don’t just hear the music but move to it also,
3 – and don’t be movin’ all slow
like someone who can move but is like,
“I’ll move tomorrow for sure,”
4 – cuz you can get evicted! then what?
5 – left with ramen noodles and a bar of soap and you’re hungry,
6 – getting the munchies like it’s hormonal and you’re stinkin’
7 – thinkin’ of drinking but the bars closed
8 – so is Barnes and Nobles so no photos for your instagram-man
9 – you’re want like a wanted man on the run needin’ to borrow clothes
10 – pushin’ weight yet left the barbell at home
11 – to top it off like chocolate sauce on scones
12 – your role models are models rollin up trashed like garbagewomen
13 – knowledge is power when used correctly and handled maturely
14 – you can use all it to get strongmen like Samson surely
15 – tryna get Paul pierced (you’ll) be headed for wrong ideas
16 – grown woman better leave alone those college kids




Comin’ with the Chainsaw

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(first spoken word in it with some rap)

1 I’m not a doormat. I kick the devil’s door down. (Matthew 11:12)
2 I come with the chainsaw cutting fANNgs off
till the CHHHHHAINs come off like the man at Gadara, (Luke 8:36)

3 enemies RRRRUNNIN’ from me cause I’m in the Creator of the world, (James 4:7)
and the engine is RRRRUNNIN’ like it’s RRRRRUNNIN’ for mayor of the world,

4 a man in office tRRRRRYin’ to take over the world, (Revelation 13:7)
5 or Usain Bolt buRRRRReakin a world record
and is pURRRRRin’ like a powerful panther.

6 They taking shots from me. Call me ‘handgun’.
7 They tryna’ take shots of me like I’m Katie Kurek,
so I make their [Expresso-yawn/expression] like a Macy’s Kuerig,
8 leaving them [bruised/brews’d] and [poor/pour],
spilled on the floor … AWWWW YEAHHHH!

1 Stepping on their scales while I’m gaining on them, (Psalm 91:13)
[b]1,000s fallin’ like leaves in autumn, (Psalm 91:7)

2 Philip to the eunach explainin’ the gospel, (Acts 8:35)
though hoarse from talking take them straight to water, (Acts 8:36)

3 some [profess science/prophesyin’] like they’re making [profits/prophets], (Romans 1:22)
no not all are saints, neither came from New Orleans,

4 tryna’ run over me when this ain’t the football field,
so, hold your horses before hH takes all of it.

5 I’m just saying, dog get real,
you Scooby Doo’n doin like the cartoons still,

6 boo and ooo’n like a costumed villain,
(keyboard warrior top on chart in kills.)

7 Pro gamer making all the [mill’s/meals],
guy in real life (i.e. G.I.R.L) gettin’ all the women.

8 Maggie hit a Homer someone call the Simpsons,
got the formula to murder waffles with syrup!

9 … makin’ a killin’ with those words per minute,
blinds all closed, got those windows tinted.

10 eatin’ brownies while you [indo/indoors] sippin’,
big man on campus with the gold and silver.

11 O man you da’ man. Ain’t no one bigger,
tell Shaq step back fo’ he start goal-tendin’.

12 If you the truth I don’t know what’s realer,
since when did Kent look so familiar?

13 Super man like Souljah! really?
Punch thrown from the crowd don’t know what hit me. (Mark 5:32)

14 (Big fans poppin out) and they over 50,
from a golden limousine rollin 20 deep,

15 and they up to no good in the streets,
living for the moment eatin’ donuts from krispy creme

16 squad with the water with so many lemons squeezed,
no sugar in the tea, grown men in little league!


Prayer(s) Before Sleeping

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(What the Lord led me to make [on top of [Psalm 91 and Psalm 23] before I go to sleep (if needed))

PRAYER 1 (Hopeful Sleep)

1 – The Father has seen it all, Christ has all the facts, the Holy Spirit has all wisdom, and the enemy has much data stacked up against me.
2 – The LORD of Host overcomes the will of Satan; He destroys the desires of the evil one’s, but the expectation of the Righteous does He grant, for they trust in Him unequivocally. (Psalm 33:9, Psalm 37:5)

3 – Therefore, with the power and authority God has given me, I cast out, bind and rebuke all past-history-present strongmen: incubus, succubus, lustful, sexual, degradation, foul, unclean, shame, guilt, condemnation spirits, even through this prayer in the [fill in the blank with good attributes] name of Jesus!
4 – I also loose and bless all that is of God, even through this prayer in the [fill in the blank with good attributes] name of Jesus! [TONGUES]

5 – With that being said, God, I come to You humbly, for they want to make my spirit a tower of babel, therefore scatter them and confound everything on me of theirs, and make Your presence from my soul their lake of fire.
6 – Once the man in the tomb now I am as the One who came out, judging them before the time, not casting any pearl to swine. Yes, I shall not be Samson working like a female slave, neither Adam eating from the wrong tree, but Jesus on the boat, and Enoch in my dreams.

7 – Wise King, Your commandments have made me wiser than my enemies. Even the joy of the Lord is my strength, with which I give them no place. (Psalm 119:98, Ephesians 4:27)
8 – Christ died on the cross for “us”, therefore “we” receive the benefits, and His blood and fire do I trust in You to completely bathe me and mine with, fully cleanse us, doing all it can according to Your Will and Word.

9 – Therefore engulf Job’s bed with Shredders, lead Solomon away from foreign wives, and guide Mary in the sinless path, Ancient of Days.
10 – Make every Judas against me fruitless and hang every Haman and their sons against me on trees. Curse the evil authorities with Great Tribulation and bless Joshua and his family with the Promised Land.
11 – I give thanks for the victory to the God whose army defeated Satan’s, and praise the Living God, for His Word has overcome the world and hell in it.
12 – Therefore, let all my enemies be under my feet, all monsters under my bed be crushed by the Stone, and every one of them in my closet be thrown into the Lion’s Den, as this is and shall be a house of prayer.
13 – For me the night time is as Heaven and for them it is the Dark Day of the Lord. (Psalm 139:12)
14 – Therefore, make their eye evil and hearts turn against one another. Oppress their minds and confuse their emotions and will.
15 – Ensnare those sitting ducks and give Your beloved sleep, for You and I know I am but a mere man, dust and in need of rest. [TONGUES]

16 – Yippee! For I spoke the Word and did not give into temptation; I used Christ’s name and it did not return void; I called upon the Father and was delivered and comforted.
17 – Yes, I was once confused, but now I understand; Stephen was stoned, and now he leaves none unturned. (I even did things the way man would and failed, but now I let God have His way and overachieve!)
18 – No, I shall not watch the movies of the lost, neither be an actor in the films of the forsaken. Rather, yes, I shall be in Creation Lab co-laboring with God, and I shall watch the Word come to life with delight!
19 – Now I am excited, for I shall remember Your testimonies and speak of the Great things You can do and have done, for You hear the prayers of the righteous, and have had me pray until I was finished.
20 – Yeah, You put an end to their rule and started a new millennium! Now Christ and His rule and reign better than ever.
21 – Truly, with God all things are possible, nothing is too hard for Him, evil shall be forgotten, and God makes all things new. Amen, Woohoo, and Hurray!

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PRAYER 2 (Fighting into the Promised Land)

  • I cried to God out of desperation, for I couldn’t go further without Him, and He answered better than I expected; I told Him what I was insecure about, and what troubled me, and He quickly came to my rescue and assured me everything would be okay.
  • I sought the Lord until I found Him and like lions we had mastery over our enemies: I was once freaked out, but now I’m excited to see the Spirit of God move!
  • Satan and his angels, you’ve lost the war in heaven. You guys are the failures of creation, the laughing-stock of existence, and have been stripped, humiliated and overcome!
  • Which one of you shall appear to be defeated by my God? Many of you will come and leave heart-broken, confused and ashamed! For God gives victory to the humble and they come out on top, while the wicked are destroyed and forgotten, never to return again.
  • God’s Host are more than the enemies, overpowering, conquering, and overcome demons with ease. They divide, conquer, and gain dominion for God. Demons flee at their sight, run away empty-handed, and fight amongst one another, unproductive and beaten due to fruitlessness.
  • Overwhelmingly cursed are all my enemies, while I am a better degree blessed forever and ever.
  • Lord of Host, my vulnerability is glory for Your show-ability, and with You all things are possible. My soul is abandoned to Your will, for nothing is too hard for You.
  • The intercession of my family is according to God’s will, accomplishing great things; the supplication of my merciful mother moves the heart of the Father, and gets through to Him when nothing else will.


  • My heart is established in His Word. I meditate on God’s Word day and night; My soul rejoices in God my Savior, for He does not give me over to the will of my enemies.
  • The more enemies the more victories I shall witness; ;the more that come the more honor God shall receive; the more their effort the more their failure, and the closer I shall get to God, so I’m thankful and expectant.
  • Therefore I will not be anxious, for I trust God will answer my prayers; I will not fret, for I stand on God’s Firm-Foundation Word and the waters will not overflow me; I am delighted, as God and His army fight on my behalf, and I am in awe for God distracts me with His love.
  • Jesus, You’ve have had me rebuke the enemy and they fled; I said Your name and was delivered; I laid down and You wrapped me in Your love; I trusted in You and You got me through.
  • Therefore I will praise You, O God, for all things shall become new; I will thank You for Your help, and You will get all the credit; I will bless You, as You’ll have me forget the former things, and I will extol You for You are my God forever and there is none other.

Ask for a Ring

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(a poem the Holy Spirit inspired me to write as I looked outside of the window at the leasing office in the neighborhood I lived in and thought of the Bride of Christ from the Bridegroom’s perspective)

1 – Her soul is like a pool full of crystal clear waters (Revelation 4:6)
2 – filled with bones with flesh spoken onto them
by the word of the Lord through Ezekiel, (Ezekiel 37:1-8)
for she is worth drowning for,

3 – (even when trying to learn how to swim in shark-infested waters).

4 – The Queen is a blue sky,
meeting a first-seeing eye,
that has it cry, “Mama!”

5 – She is the color of love,
and her skin is a bow on top of
for her [presence/presents];

6 – She is gifted,
and her charity is [a given/Agiven].

9 – She reaches to the poor like she’s putting a long-sleeved shirt on. (Proverbs 31:20a)
10 – She stretches towards the needy like she’s opening a curtain. (Proverbs 31:20b)
11 – Her clothes are all made of new cloth, (Proverbs 31:25a)
every day she has a new walk, and her light is the new “ON.”

12 – Her eyes opened are two ON, (Matthew 6:22)
them closed is moon 🌒 and sun ⛅, (Genesis 1:16)
eyelids grace-filled skies: day and night. (Genesis 1:5)

13 – Her hair is heaven
and every inhabitant is a [hair/heir] stranded happily.

14 – I was caught up, distracted by love, (Ezekiel 3:12a)
and saw sitting on the throne a Citrine King, (Revelation 4:2)
and under Him an Onyx-OverLord.

15 – Light emanates from their being,
forming an image of the face of God,
16 – the Holy Spirit hovering over the face of the Water, (Genesis 1:2)
God saying, “let there be love …

and there she was.” (Genesis 1:3)

17 – Her drink is [modest-tea/modesty],
and her love could cure-iosity
if it were a disease.

18 – She lives in [authenti-city/authenticity]
and is a never-ending [minutes-tree/ministry]. (Proverbs 3:18)

19 – Mature, her soul, mind and body
are “PRO,” “V” and “HERBS,” 3 18s. (Proverbs 3:18)

20 – If someone wanted to fight
and laid hands on her
they would turn 180 degrees 🔥.
yeah, if someone tried to put their hands on her
they would turn 180 degrees 🔥,

21 – one glance making the hand repent,
beg for forgiveness and ask for a ring.