From junkfood to vegetables (pt. 3/3)

The lips of a strange woman drop as a honeycomb,
and her mouth is smoother than oil,
but her end is bitter as wormwood,
and sharp as a two-edged sword.

Her feet go down to death.
Her steps take hold on Hell.
Hear now therefore,
lest by her flattering lips you yield,
and by fair speech you be forced,
develop a need for more,
(like ones in bondage, needles in their arms)
and be lured in by this evil force,
like the Proverbs 7 man void of understanding
passing through the street near her corner,
(or me in certain dreams I’ve had long ago).

Now that I can see what happened,
and that what I thought I needed wasn’t important,
(I’ve been called, gone up rungs
and what I see isn’t normal;)
now I want to be the Latter
now that I can see the Former.

Let these words sink deep into your heart, heed this warning:
Trust in the LORD. Focus your entire being on Him.
Do not lean on your own understanding,
and cease from your own wisdom,
for such is like if a man put his hand on the wall
during the dark day of the LORD
while a serpent was on it
and he bit him.

Have you given your life to Christ?
If not, reconsider.
He is Victory, therefore leave wickedness behind.
Don’t be a victim.

Inspirations: Prov. 3:5 and 7, Prov. 5:3-5 and 7, Prov. 7:7-8 and 21


From junkfood to vegetables (pt. 2/3)

It’s like Moses & Aaron went into Pharaoh;
a rod cast down by Aaron before his servants,
and it became a serpent;
yes, a rod a snake, a snake a rod (Quran).
Even if Jannes & Jambres said 5 prayers the whole entire day
they’d be swallowed up by the viper.
The two were in submission to Pharaoh,
and believed such was their mission
(like I did at one point);
thought there was no where out of it,
but God delivered me from the snare of the fowler,
and the plague of frogs.

You see, they’d seen a lot (Allah) but not the LORD.
My God can swallow up any evil force;
a Potter which can smash any false-god like it’s a clay-pot,
knock it down like a pillar of salt,
while delivering a lot from Soddom & Gomorrah.

I heard killing, stealing, and destroying,
vulgar talk of boy bands,
and was taught to find the average person annoying
and disrespect a boss as an employee,
exposed to false-loyalties,
so-called “rap-game royalties.”

Now instead of of hearing of
the shedding of innocent blood,
because Jesus shed His blood I am royalty,
make music with Him, praise Him vocally,
strive to flourish socially,
keep my word, serve God obediently,
and build up treasure in heaven,
instead of on earth.

I saw his LPs were really unhealthy,
H-E-L-P M-E P-L-E-A-S-Es,
not helping me, like modern-day self-help teachings.
I now hear a child crying out for help desperately.
If only he knew more of the blood shed at calvary,
and if only instead of being overcome by the beast
he overcame him through the word of his/His testimony.

Hear the parable of the good samaritan
starting at luke 10:25.
Modern-day, eminem was treated by others
concerning his race as if he was barely white,
fell among thieves, hooked up with the pharisee and levite,
the oil and wine was hair blech,
he changing that very night.

Listen: don’t go and go likewise.
Yes, don’t proceed without an eye to prudence,
otherwise you’d end up confused,
wandering why your life was ruined.

Inspirations: Exodus 7:9-12, Rom. 8:28, Luke 10:25-37

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From junkfood to vegetables (pt. 1/3)

Junkfood to vegetables

By God’s grace I went from m&ms
to the One who is Mighty & Merciful,
D12 to the 12 disciples.

I got in touch with the Sword of the Spirit personally,
embraced the Holy Spirit’s personality,
and now know there were 6 men,
each portrayed someone with split personalities.

I saw D12 blow up like C4,
and I wanted to be one, (B1)
believe I was a zero (A0),
and that I’d be nothing.

Now 22, if at 12
if only I knew such was disgusting. (D’s-cussing)
I was like sylvia stout
who needed to take the garbage out,
but unfortunately I lived in a hoarder’s house.

(And the harlot’s house is a haunted house.)

Like you’ve heard by them of old,
Eminem spoke of haunted houses.
Well, truly, I tell you,
kingdoms waiting for you are not down there,
rather it’s hot down there,
and once you get there
you want to get out of there,
but the exit is nowhere to be found,
so you’re stuck like a car in the mud.

Agreement with such vanity
only has power if you believe it
so, may such death be what you disagree with,
“because I want to live” being your reason.
Therefore, submit to God, resist the devil,
and he’ll flee from you.

When I was imitating evil
I could’ve been writing poems, or doing sudoku,
focusing on 1-9 instead of D12,
my ABCs instead of Eminem (M&M),
the Truth instead of the so-called “truth-movement.”
Such would have been a better use of my time.

Life is not a game

Life is not a game

I choose as an act of my will
to use the faith of a mustard seed
to pluck up evil trees by the roots,
and live by the truth;
have my eye single, body filled up with light like a room,
table prepared by the Carpenter
before me in the dining room;
Life Himself in my living room,
He watching from His kitchen’s view
like a mother watching her kids
through the window while washing dishes.

Playing in the front yard, but not nintendo 64,
which I used to play.
By such I’ve been played, since then I’ve grown,
and don’t play those games anymore.
Tony Hawk gave me a stony heart,
Runescape a tooth-ache,
World of Warcraft a below-zero temperature ice-water bath.
(just to name a few side-effects).
Such was my life at one time.
I thought I was fighting death;
thought light was darkness,
and had it all backwards like back pant’s pockets in the front;
thought such was the life,
a hands-on-the-head-while-laid-back “aaaaaaaahhhh,”
but, more like my dying breath,
or an “aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!”
said after waking up from a nightmare.

I wanted to become a videogame designer,
such was my dream job.
I wasn’t awake, going from place to place like sleep-walking
at three in the morning.
I thought when I’d speak it would annoy people
like my voice was an awkward noise,
like they’re trying to sleep, and I’m snoring,
or that what I would say would put them to sleep,
for I believed I was boring;

no set personality, thus borrowing from people like thieves wanting things;
no guarantee of returning them like the average person public library books.

I even catfished; had unlimited accesses,
pictures like pearl necklaces
in a jewelry store, I grabbed them
from a plan I hatched like eggs;
hungry for more like I didn’t have breakfast.
I lied about my nationality
like someone from mexico trying to sneak into America,
I no/know where to be found like I needed to come to my senses/census.

Like I did in video-games I’d go on Facebook,
and run to my friend’s list,
looking for green like a perfectionist their lawn clippings,
but now read the Seek-My-Face-Book,
thoroughly searching the scriptures
like those who were more noble
than those in the church of Thessalonica.

LONE was the motto; L.O.N.E,
living off nothing every day,
hung my head in shame;
breath had the stench of spiritual alcohol;
a mess like tilted wedding cake;
I tipped it over when I was about to fall.
What I was hands-on with was like clenching saw dust,
sowing to the flesh, of the flesh reaping corruption,
saw destruction,
relating to Jesus for as I followed my father’s will
my members were falling away.

He is the Loaf, my B.I.B.L.E,
Basic Instructions Before Leaving Eternally;
I a loan, basically I believed life every day wasn’t worth living;
literally thought life was a video-game,
a membership worth ending,
every month of life a subscription;
in a world of my own,
filled with war, crafted by me at 15.

I was an internet troll downloading torrents (taurens),
draining (dranai) my eyes of light,
felt forsaken (undead), not even human (human).
I had so much copper, silver, and gold
I thought I was rich as a Rothschild. (Azeroth)
I was bullied, even at school,
called things like, “dwarf,” (dwarve), “dweeb,”
I was a friend of the night owls (night elf).
My body was like a container,
blood elmer’s (blood elf) glue,
and I stuck there, even in my chair till it was night out.
I had no mind (gnome) of my own,
eyes on the screen, dot comes (com’s) and dot orgs (orcs);
actions speak louder than words,
and I was a shadow priest
with a talk show like Oprah Winfrey;
foreshadowing me,
I now a priest under the Shadow of the Almighty,
at home with the King.

Life is not a game, but to be lived to the fullest,
the enemy comes not but to kill, steal, and destroy,
and is a bully.
Jesus came that we might have life, and life more abundantly,
is a friend,
mine, and yours, and wants a personal relationship with us,
which is why He died on the cross, shedding His blood;
yeah, God so loved a world full of kidnappers
He sent His Son to fix the once-upon-a-time we messed up
into a happy-ever-after.

We treated Life like a credit card,
placed it in our back pocket,
ran off on Him, dropped it,
and He came back to pick it up.
We acted like it was ours, and treated Him like a criminal,
when we were, and are without Him,
yet He’s given to us that,
and the opportunity to live with Him.

But like how one must go through the front door
of a house to get into it,
and when invited by the owner
not climb in through the window;
and like how one that ran in mud
uses the ‘welcome mat’ to clean their shoes
before going into the house,
before going into His House
God wants us to be clean too,
then He’d welcome us back,
and in the house we could come,
for if the shoes had dog mess on them,
the house had carpet,
and I walked around on it forever,
it would not be alright;
but if the shoes were washed,
and the feet had new socks put on them,
and I walked around on the floor,
it would be fine.

God’s House is not the house of the dead, but of the living,
and just like a house can have air conditioning
He has His Holy Spirit which is His Spiritual Breath.
Without Him there is spiritual death,
just like the body without breath has physical death;
like a scuba diver needs an oxygen tank, and mask underwater,
for His House you need Forever-Breath,
otherwise how would you live?

Therefore, if you want yours to be clean
walk in His footsteps,
but if you don’t know the Way,
how can you know the Way He went?
If you want to know a child go to their Father,
but if you want to go to the Father
you must go through Him
like a car in a car wash,
lest you be without Him,
sit in earth’s parking lot,
and end up in the junk-yard;
and like how one may be guilty before the judge,
one needs to be cleared of their offenses
to be seen as innocent.

Jesus took our sin on the cross,
and when we receive and accept Him,
we become justified, seen as innocent,
and can walk off scott-free,
saved from eternal punishment;
the jail filled with judgement
as the unjust committed injustice.

Why? Well, like one who commits a crime against a president
may go to prison with a life sentence,
how much more even one sin against a Holy God who’s Righteous?
Thank God He gave us the chance to come back to Him,
and be with Him in heaven forever.
There shall be fun, fellowship, friends, and family together.

Inspirations: 1 Peter 1:18-19, John 10:9-10, Matthew 16:25

Jesus, my friend & yours!


Let me introduce you to My friend, Jesus. He is with you everywhere you go, He listens to every cry and shares in all your laughter. He rejoices with you in the springtime…when new life is budding out of the Earth. He rejoices with you as you lie in piles of golden leaves and with the wild lavender asters that dot the fields in the Fall.

“He laughs with you at the antics of the new puppy, and cries with you when you must say good bye to your beloved pet. Oh, He is so present to you, my friend, so familiar to you, you don’t even notice Him – but He is here. When someone passes away, He upholds you with infusions of peace, allowing you to go through the steps of saying good-bye to your loved one. He slowly releases the sorrow in you, so you are not overwhelmed. When He brings a new life into your womb, He provides all that is needed to raise that child.

“Oh, everything He does is underpinning Your life, and He is so close…and so much a part of you, you don’t recognize Him, until it is His time to reveal His presence to you. Then the joy of discovery is there. ‘You WERE there when my mother passed! You WERE there when I made that career decision that changed my life! You WERE there when I went to the pound to get a kitten. You have ALWAYS been there, and I never knew it. You were there in the ER when I thought I was dying, and You held me securely so that fear did not overwhelm me. You were there when I was all alone after that abusive relationship. You were even there during that, waiting for me to say ‘enough!’

“You gave me the courage to begin a new life! You encouraged me that I COULD do it. You were there when I walked into the thrift store needing new clothes with only a few dollars and You filled my bag with everything I needed and then some! In fact, You were the one who inspired the wealthy lady to get rid of those beautiful clothes she never wears. You even measured the timing, so I would walk in just as they were putting her clothes on the rack.

“You knew I needed a car, and You brought me just what I needed, and then when it broke down You gave me favor with the mechanic to repair it for less than the going rate. You even moved on his heart so that I could manage payments.

“You have been with me, all along, and I’ve never known it. Even when life seemed unfair, You were with me encouraging me to move on without looking back. You were there in the glorious sunset and there when three deer walked out into the meadow. You even arranged that cardinal singing outside my window, sparkling with frost in the early morning light.

“Yes, You do all things well and now You have come to invite me into Your world, never to feel alone again? Amazing!”


The Lord’s Meditation

The Lord's Meditation

The Lord’s Meditation (Pray about such please. Again, I say, PRAY)

The Lord has all things for us, even all versions, be it … MSG, AMP, NKJV, etc. Like it says in Luke 10:26, “What is written in the Law?” he replied. “How do you read it?” Even if everyone read the same version we’d still read differently, for the Word has a personal relationship with us, thus it’s all different. Or do we all think exactly the same?

And like it says in Luke 11:1, The disciples came to the Lord and asked, “Lord, how do we pray?” and the Lord explained so. But, I want to read the Word how the Word reads the Word, so I asked the question, “Lord, how do You read the bible?” And this is what He has personally taught me.

For like it says in Nehemiah 8:8, “So they read in the book in the law of God distinctly, and gave the sense, and caused them to understand the reading.” And with understanding one may read the Word of God does like God would like for them to, for Job 32:8 states, “But there is a spirit in man: and the inspiration of the Almighty gives them understanding,” and 2 Tim. 3:16 states, “All scripture is given by inspiration of God.”

One may say, but we can’t do this. It’s not biblical. But does not 1 John 2:27 state that “And as for you, the anointing you received from Him remains in you, and you do not need anyone to teach you. But just as His true and genuine anointing teaches you about all things, so remain in Him as you have been taught.”

Scripture?: I believe Ps. 23, 91, the Cross, and the 10 commandments fit with everything else in the Word, like any of the rest of the Word, but more easily than much other. Such fit the Lord’s characteristics (Ps. 23), faithfulness (Ps. 91), and love (The Cross).
Questions?: Simple questions to jump-start things. Self-explanatory.
Forever & Ever?: “Set your mind on heavenly things,” (Col. 3:2). God, the 2 eternal domains, and 2 future personal domains, my Heavenly Habitation (Bran-Den), and my future planet, (Brand-New). Does He not prepare a place for us? Shall not the meek inherit the earth, even a planet in the future? Or did not the 1st adam get a planet? Shall not we, in the 2nd Adam, greater than the first, inherit one also?
Fruitfulness?: 1) Inspiration Supplication: the Word is the Advocate. He prays. Inspiration Supplication is to use the Word, and pray ‘with the Spirit,’ for the Word is Spirit, and praying with Him, even through His Word helps stretch, multiply, and all-things-new’ify a person’s prayer-life.
2) Name & Note: Matthew 16:15 says, “He said to them, ‘But who do you say that I am?” Who is He to you? “I am the vine.” (John 15:5) What is Jesus? And thirdly, “The Word is like a fire..” (Jer. 23:29) What is the Word like?
3) Start a Story: Told parables,
4) Sing a song: Many songs are there in the bible. Sing what you read! Sing a new song! etc.
5) Pick & pray:
6) Jot a joke: Make a joke out of what you’re reading. For example, God created the heavens and the earth. Why did He rest on the 7th day? Because He got tired after doing His Crea-chores! *ba dum tss*
Faith-filled language?: Such straight-gate&narrow-way’ifies a person’s thinking; past, present, and future, even by speaking from the heart: desire (present), and future (expect); and that which concerns the Lord, believe (faith), hope (hope), and trust (love).
Word-made-mine?: 1) Acronym: Example: The L.O.R.D, the Loving, Omniscient, Righteous Dad. Or the W.O.R.D, the Wise, Omnipresent, Respected Delight.
2) Title / New Name? Title: Give yourself a title. “I am a champion of righteousness, a sheep in the fold of the Shepherd of my soul,” etc. New name: “You shall be called Cephas, meaning, a stone.” (John 1:42) Saul to Paul, Abram to Abraham, etc.
3) Contemporize: The MSG version is modern-day language. The Word was, is, and will be the same yesterday, today, and forever. How could such as you read be said today?
4) Personalize: Speak such as is read in your own language. Your 3 initials are your personal-relationship-with-God version of the bible. Mine is BDE.
5) Amplify: Look between the words and add a new word, making things new. Such is usually a noun or an adjective.
6) Verse-crunch: Ps. 91:2-4 can be summarized by Ps. 91:15, “God was with me in trouble, delivered me, and honored me.” Another way is getting inspiration from verse(s) and getting new truth. For example: Ps. 91:1-3 being like 1 John 1:7, if we walk in the light (Ps. 91:1a), as He is in the Light (Ps: 91:1b), we have fellowship with Him (Ps. 91:2), and the blood of Jesus cleanses us from all sin (Ps. 91:3).
(rest is self-explanatory)
Cause & Effect?: The Creator, us, and His creation. (1 Cor. 11:3) Before & after, beginning & end.
Comparison?: Self-explanatory: Life and death, blessing and curse, good and evil. (Ex: Duet. 30:19)
Apply?: God has all things for us, even in His promises. Every scripture is truth. Claim it! Receive it!
Render to the Lord?: “What shall I render to the Lord for all His benefits toward me?” (Ps. 116:12). God has given you all things. Give such, and other things back to Him! Thank Him! Praise Him! Show appreciation!
Confirmation?: Is such true? What scripture confirms? Also, for such in your relationship with God God can confirm through things around you. Song lyrics, pictures, things, etc. Ask and receive.
Ministry?: This is for a person’s personal ministry. I dance, write, and draw, even sing also.
Testimony?: We overcome the enemy through our testimony. He’s with us in TROUBLE, DELIVERS us, and HONORS us. How has He for you? Remember?
Future?: Self-explanatory. The rapture, the end times, and the 1000 years of peace (for example)

>>>>>P.S. Read with the Lord and not without the Lord. Not only read, but ask that you shall receive. Not only look, but seek God and wait on Him. Not only knock on His door, but expect for Him to knock on yours.

Let the Lord speak to you through His Word, cease from your own wisdom, and beware a lust for knowledge.<<<<<