Wisdom Led Me (The Lord my New Territory, Guide, Boss) [WLM]

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(a testimony involving work, a lovely woman, and new territory)

1 I had a great encounter with a godly woman today.
2 She is a naturally beautiful woman, in that no matter how old she is, she is so very young on the inside;
3 so very lovely, and delightful, like a flower blooming in the summer.
4 She had some catering that needed to be done at the restaurant where I work, and it’s always a privilege when wisdom herself comes into a place,
5 so I was so honored to watch and see what ‘right’ looks like, as I very much do often whenever she comes around.
6 Watching her, I told my co-worker I could help her with her bags, and was delighted to help her.
7 More than what I expected happened, in that next we went to where she worked.
8 I usually go as far as with people to their car and that’s it, but never do we get in it and go someplace.
9 Similarly, we went out the front door and went into the building next door, (which I’ve only seen a bit of from the outside), went up the elevator and into where she worked.
10 It was such an environment thick with authority, as, (I believe) everyone else was older than me,
11 had such a more-than-the-amount-of-money-I-make paying job, and were talking about careers and teams and things of that nature.
12 These things I’ve heard about on the internet and seen in movies, not really been around, and if so, not that up close.
13 It reminded me of heaven, and how God is the boss of reality, as He’s in control, and on His throne, has a kingdom, (like a boss has a company),
14 and runs things with many servants, (angels and whatnot), attending to this and that.
15 We took 2 trips, and such was very fun.
16 It reminded me of being taken to heaven by an angel and seeing what it’s like there!
17 Praise God for His ability to reward people for faithfulness, have them be led by wisdom in the way of substance and righteousness,
18 visit new territories and learn while serving in new kingdoms, and give fruitful testimonies to edify His people. Woohoo!

Inspirations: Proverbs 3:18, Psalm 128:1 (GNT), Proverbs 8:20-21

If You Were… (IYW)

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If you were a land I’d love you,
as its King I would be faithful,
as my queen I would want you,
and as my wife I would not betray you. (Proverbs 31:12)

Love, as my comforter I would need you,
as my love I would praise you, (Proverbs 31:28)
as my people I would lead you, (Exodus 32:34)
and as my baby I would raise you.

Stay on Fire for Him


Proverbs 26:20 says, “Where there is no wood the fire🔥 goes out.” Matthew 16:24 says, “Deny ourselves pick up our cross and follow Christ,” and Hebrews 12:29, says that, “God is an All-Consuming Fire,” from those scriptures one can conclude that because the cross is wood, it is flammable, and what better fire 🔥 to set it with than Christ Himself?

Therefore, by staying close to God, (which is carrying our cross), it gets set ablaze by His fire🔥; and, being in the midst of that exchange and reaction, it is how we stay on fire for Him.

From such, why would God, receiving 100% of someone, which is more than 10% of someone’s money, not then pour out such a blessing of gasoline, His Holy Spirit, to, like the song by ‘Point of Grace’ says, “keep the candle burninnnnn’?,” fulfilling the scripture in Luke 12:49, “I came to set the earth on fire, and how I wish it were already kindled!”

Inspirations: Malachi 3:10 and other scriptures

Poem: On Fire for Christ
Article: They’ve Met Their Match

You are Beautiful! (YAB) [Part 2]

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28 My heart is soft,
but whenever I see you
it skips a beat
like God’s hand is upon it
and it’s skipped
like a rock! (Matthew 17:20)

29 He’s so strong.
It’s like what’s most [imported/important]
is right before me
and I get to go all over the world …

30 and every time I blink I get to leap over a frog …
and every time I think about it
like a cow I jump over the moon!

31 You have my heart beat so fast
to get it to stop is such hard work.
32 I need to punch out on the clock …
like a knockout;
so much “wow!” I’m gunna fall out.

33 When God made you He went all out
and for 30 minutes in heaven (Revelation 8:1)
there was a drought.

34 I think He made you after He rested, (Genesis 2:2)
rolled up His sleeves, did the best He could
and left nothing undone;

35 Yeah, after those 6 days
put all the beauty He could in one spot,
looked at the sun ⛅ .. then at His Son ..
and switched one … with your face. (Jasher 3:20)

36 In 1 sentence He said, “let there be light.” (Genesis 1:3)
I don’t know if He doubted, but He must have thought twice!
37 I don’t know if He had unbelief
but He may have not been able to believe His eyes!
38 He does nothing without first revealing it
unto His servants the prophets (Amos 3:7)
and when Jesus saw you from afar
it’s like He had to resist lust for the first time.

39 Girl, you are so poor in spirit (Matthew 5:3)
when God became poor that I may become rich (2 Corinthians 8:9)
He must have panhandled for 33 years
then when He went to heaven and eventually made you
had added THE REST to the budget.

(Look at you!!!)

40 And I desire with such a fire to love thee so much
that every breath I breathe be from God
and fill you up with such a spirit that you adhere to every word
that you heard from the Lord who adores you.

(You’re gorgeous!!!)

41 People trippin’, other relationships, distrust,
purses, electrocutions, family, pearls,
pastors, principalities, disasters, nor [hi’s/highs],
nor deaths, nor who-you’re-with, nor possible lynch mob
shall separate you from my love. (Romans 8:35, 38-39)

42 You are drop-dead gorgeous, shot-bled scrumptious,
neck-break fine, and superawesomely lovely.
43 You’re so down to earth you’ve humbled all assumption …
You know what? I’m done sinning.

44 Satan so jealous he’d probably pay 30 silver just to be one with me,
and he so ugly if I said your name he’d probably run from me,
go to hell and tell his testimony.

45 Eve Ning, you are a geisha. When I gaze at you
I see a Chinese Queen with pink cedar leaves on her face.

46 So receive my love like EMJ,
read and meditate on what the Almighty has placed in my heart 💓,
poured out like water from a faucet into the parts of the world.

47 And I pray just like He spoke to me to write it
I pray for you and He speak to you to receive it
that you see the way I see you
when your see yourself in the mirror and believe it!

48 For my Father has filled me up and such a love
that I don’t need anyone or anything to fill in the emptiness within
so whatever is best I live to give out of gratitude for my dad who
sent His Son to die for us.

49 Some are persecuted for their faith,
you’ll be persecuted for your face.
50 You are cute and the devil wants beauty
and to ruin God’s beautiful creation.

51 God is Gwang-hae and I am [Ha-sun/her son].
You are Han Hyo-joo and I am undone.


51 No Masquerade can sway my decision.
52 Even if David and Bathsheba decided to take a census
and every Artexerses and Vashti made amends
and came to me in repentance
I would turn away from them,
saying, “get away from me!!!”

53 You are Magikarp. I will wait for you to turn [,/ ] Gyrados.
54 You are a total of all the diamonds mined from Sierra Leone;
a mix of the feeling one gets from the Merry-Go
and the high from being in the sky on a Ferris Wheel.



You are Beautiful! (YAB) [Part 1]

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1 [A.Y./’Ey], you who’ve been called, (Matthew 22:14)
you are not a dumb blonde, (Proverbs 11:22)
neither are you a runaway,

2 rather it looks like God put
beauty and a mirror in front of you
and at least for 9 months
you stayed in one place. (Genesis 19:26)

3 I am a man of substance.
How could you be ‘nothing’
if I want you to “be mine“? (MLI 23)

4 You are the most beautiful book in the library,
the word ‘beautiful‘ in my dictionary;
the cover of my pictionary.
5 You are .. such a picture of Mary
all your devices are literary.

6 Hey, it’s okay if you’re high maintenance. I like praying!
For you I do morning, evening and night daily.
7 And, considering the poems and the books He’s had me write
He’s told me about you at least .. 66 times.

8 Y’all, my BB is my BiBle. I mediate on you all the time girl. (Psalm 1:2)
I’m like, “I know God knows everything but how’d He find this girl?”
9 As a hand of God whenever you walk you say “beautiful” in sign-language.
Your left and right side is a match made in heaven.

10 Christ laid down His life and gave permission to take His rib, (Genesis 3:21-22)
and you are the Second Eve made in His image. (Genesis 3:20)

11 Looks like beauty hit you and you fell dead and were resurrected on the spot. (Revelation 11:11)
I got two witnesses to confirm: the Spirit and the Blood. (1 John 5:8)

12 I’m like the Creator. I, the Bridegroom have made myself ready. (Revelation 19:7)
So be like Creation and take what I’m giving.

13 For you: a love that’s endless;
for everything past and present and future: forgiveness,
and like the Father I want my [child/Child] to live in You,
and give you guidance and wisdom.

14 Love, why are you robbing God
by buying beauty products?
He said it is finished
so you need to stop! (John 19:30)

15 You, cutie, are beautiful
just the way you are,
not because I say you are
but because I’ve been through hell
16 and contentment has melted
all your seen fat away like cardio,
therefore the figure I see is svelte,
for you yourself are beautiful!

17 Trust me, God only wants me to have the best,
and if there was a contest between all women
of whom I should be with … you would win! (Judges 5:24)

18 Yeah, if all the women on the planet
lined up side by side and said, “be mine!”
only you would get a reply!

19 …and like Omega and Alpha 5 I go, “ay yi yi!!”

20 If anything I think you’re the most beautiful.
Because of out of all the supermodels, actresses,
and women I’ve seen walking down the street
I think about you.

21 That’s like 5-fold ministry. (Ephesians 4:11)
You have 5-fold beauty,
and you’re every stretch mark
is evidence God thought long and hard
about what He was doing.

22 Matter of fact,
everything beautiful reminds me of you,
and every woman that’s beautiful in any way,
shape or form is a type of you.

23 I’m serious. As I say this
recorder angels take this
to the Father and He responds, “mhmmm!”

24 Mary has a little lamb and God made a pretty woman.
25 To me you’re prettier than any other,
and cuter than anyone is, vanilla dumpling!


26 For me to change my mind
you’d have to change your eyes.
27 I change not like Christ,
so change your title
and be my wife!

Parable: Reacquainted and Reconciled

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1 She was contacted by someone she respected. She was excited to hear from them and replied happily.
2 She had been ministering to someone, then met up with the one whom she loved. They led her into a special place and she felt so welcomed.
3 She was greeted by, and met up with familiar faces. She was so excited and happy.

4 They spoke of a personal matter; it was a work of God, which contained much insight and wisdom.
5 They went over it, reviewing it thoroughly, and all came away edified.
6 She received godly counsel, and was even unto one like a disciple from that point on.

7 She walked away so happy and elated and excited for the future. The smile on her face could not be wiped away.

Bride and Bridegroom: Going on a Walk (GoaW)

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1 The Bride and the Bridegroom were going to go somewhere and have fun. (Mark 2:23)
2 They were dating, in that they were, through prayer and the influence of the Holy Spirit, having wonderful days together, (Romans 14:17)
3 and spending awesome time with one another, in that it was so memorable that dates could be remembered, and things could be cataloged, looked back upon and be material for praising God. (Psalm 111:4 and 105:5)
4 “What should I wear?” she texted curiously. “Whatever makes you feel the most comfortable.” “Also,” he added, “don’t put on any make-up, but let your hair and everything be natural. (Proverbs 16:8)
5 It’ll be like Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden. Expect it!”
6 “Okay,” she replied.

7 The next day she met him on a sidewalk in a familiar setting.
8 “Jesus said in John 18 He spoke openly to the world, and that He said nothing in secret, so I’d like to honor you out in the open, and have you shine like the sun in the sky, (John 18:20)
9 for Christ has made you beautiful, and I’d like for you to remember that wherever you go.” (Deuteronomy 6:7)
10 “Now,” he continued, extending his hand towards her and stretching out his arm forward, “take a walk with me.” And so they walked. (Matthew 25:21)
11 “Love, do you see this sidewalk here?” “Yes,” she replied happily. “Like there are streets of gold in heaven so also are there streets of silver and bronze,
12 and I pray you stay close enough to Him that one day you two do exactly this and talk about it as husband and wife.”
13 “And, beautiful, do you see wonderful view of the world, with all of the sunlight, the beautiful buildings, the wonderful streets and birds chirping and whatnot?” “Yes,” she replied again.
14 “Like there’s all this here so does God have many things in store for you, and like there’s all this beauty and creativity in-between,
15 that’s what you’re like in situations and circumstances in this life, in that you are like the beautiful sky, places and things that God has to offer people.”
16 She smiled at this, and got very happy. (Proverbs 12:25)
17 With many more things did he exhort, teach, warn, and edify, and eventually she left with a heart full of joy. (Luke 3:18, Acts 2:40, John 15:11)