He Will Meet You Where You Are

I once heard Christian music playing on the television,
another time later I heard a preacher talking about receiving a house,
from the music I felt at peace, stood still, and listened,
by the preacher I felt I was being milked like a cow,

I had a friend who told me of her conversion,
immediately I felt as if I couldn’t talk to her anymore,
another friend I had who believed didn’t mention God,
oh if only every human being truly knew of God’s importance!

I watched people do nice things for others on the internet,
it brought tears to my eyes how such nice things happened,
at times in life when I got revelation I had a giggle rise from inside,
other times due to His protection I just couldn’t stop laughing!

Many people I’ve met may have been christian for all I know,
I don’t remember them ever talking about God,
another time my cousin challenged a classmate of mine,
“if Jesus is real, where is His grave?” she couldn’t respond,

if you’re christian is there enough evidence to convict you?
are you acting like everyone else, going along with the crowd?
what if you got to heaven and knew you could’ve brought a soul?
is outer darkness appealing? would you not like to receive crowns?

if you’re not a follower of Christ can you relate to this?
even want to get connected and just don’t know how?
call upon the name of Christ with a sincere heart,
truly meaning it, and He will meet you where you are.

Inspirations: Philippians 1:15, Prov. 29:27, Rom. 10:13

Visited By God

I’ve been visited by God many times,
whether at home, school, or somewhere else,
after meditation, before interaction with my father,
to write a poem, or when giving back wealth,

for the Lord Jesus could be a situation,
a person involved, or manifest in another form,
a broken down car, child at school with no food,
or umbrella given to someone trapped in a storm,

one time I was on youtube listening to music,
a sweet presence that was soothing came over me,
it visited me like I did a friend’s house when I was young,
things just felt easy, comfortable I started writing,

another time I felt put back together, even normal,
a Shepherd came to His second flock,
He left the ninety-nine and came to the one,
and found me when I was lost,

have you ever had a vivid dream? one that felt real?
was there joy? was there peace? a sense of heaven?
had a good mood out of nowhere? like things were okay?
a great day? a smile on your face? a taste of forever?

ponder the possibilities, who visited? and from where?
let your imagination run wild like children in day-care,
for you can’t give what you don’t have, so … who gave?
and there’s a source for everything, even eyes at you staring.

Inspirations: Matthew 18:12-14, Joel 2:28, James 1:17


Appear Like The Sun

I have been thrown into the lion’s den,
their mouths are open and they’re hungry,
dogs have compassed round about me,
they look at me as if I’m lunch meat,

they see me and see thanksgiving turkey,
even the chicken at a barbecue,
I threw a party for friends and family,
my enemies showed up and started to shoot,

I am as a baby crying in a crib,
when shall my parent come and hold me?
I’ve been picked up and dropped on the ground,
I am as homeless man on a cold street,

I am in two places at once,
for my environment’s weather differs,
one minute I sweat from the heat,
and another minute I shiver,

one second I have umbrella for rain,
I lift up my head and it snows,
I keep my head down because of wind,
then I witness the plants rapidly grow,

I am as a time-traveling man,
I’ve gone from the 1920’s to the 2020’s,
many things have my eyes seen,
I asked for a little and got plenty,

it is dark in my room,
as dark as the color black,
the enemy plagues me with thoughts,
it in itself is a mental pestilence,

I prayed with my whole heart,
and felt like I got slapped in the face,
I set my feet on the ground,
and then it earthquaked,

I climbed up my treehouse for refuge,
wanted a comic to ease my mind,
the neighbors perceived I wanted solance,
played bad music and opened their blinds,

they hate children where I live,
that must be how they treat me,
the icecream truck doesn’t come by,
more like salesman for TVs,

they sensed I was uncomfortable,
went to the AC and turned it up,
I in my cover sweat drops of blood,
they even laughed as I coughed a lot,

they want me to die of sickness,
they’d even tamper with my medicine,
they’d sentence me to death row
as out of their mouth comes, “let him live,”

they are as backwards as counter-clockwise,
they are as froward as perversion is,
I hate them greatly, I am not attracted
like the same sides of a magnet,

they have no care for human life,
life itself sickens them to the core,
they fell from heaven and transgressed,
their offspring wicked in the womb,

who shall deliver me from this
wretched body of death?
who reaches down and pulls up someone
trapped within the earth’s crust?

in my bed I toss and turn
and shift like tectonic plates,
volcanoes elsewhere erupt,
gust of wind slice the air like cake,

Lord, You will not suffer
your Holy One to see corruption,
my prayer enter into your ears,
Bridegroom, come quickly!

You shall deliver me in Your Righteousness,
clean me up that I shine brightly,
clear my heart of all wickedness,
pick me up and take me for icecream,

you shall send Your angel
and remove the stone from the tomb,
you shall plead me cause, my Lawyer,
and bear witness to the truth,

you shall put me back together again,
I shall be as a temple rebuilt,
you shall take me to the theater,
and with me watch a film,

You shall make all things new,
I shall see and rejoice,
my body shall come out of the ground
at the sound of Your voice,

You shall come with clouds
and appear like the Sun,
You shall bring Your angels
with you and remove the evil ones,

the righteous shall see,
and be glad the LORD has come,
heaven on earth forever,
a new heaven and a new earth together.

Inspirations: Job 30:26, Isaiah 66:14-15

When Shall We Wake Up To Reality?

(Lyrics to a song I received from the Lord after I had heard Xiao Min’s testimony, applied what she did, looked out of the window, and wrote down what I heard)

I feel like I am in prison, I’ve been imprisoned,
I feel like one who has been rejected by the wicked system,
they locked me up in handcuffs, took me away from my loved ones,
it’s like they don’t even understand what it is like to love someone,

this isn’t made for my safety, if anything for my detriment,
they want to squeeze the life out of me, and anything that’s left of it,
they’ve taught me to be a criminal, then locked me up in a cell,
they told me to get a job, then like a coin threw me down a well,

they gave me bad examples to follow, they are all hirelings,
they promised a steady income, then when I got the job, fired me,
they want to get in my bank account and tamper with the money,
I feel like the three bears how those Goldilocks want what they want because they’re hungry,

what ever happened to Winnie the Pooh, what ever happened to Little Bear?
they knock on my door, and when I don’t respond, they say, “he isn’t there,”
though they don’t know I’m still there, they want to break in, and bang on the door,
they want it to feel like someone handled by cops using unnecessary force,

why the brutality? why the blatant disrespect for human life?
you know I’m human, right? then why try to violate my basic human rights?
I am the homeless man that you can find at the soup kitchen,
I am the volunteer at someone’s house washing a few dishes,

I am the man in the army. I am the soldier with loaded gun,
I am a child hit by the car when you did your hit-and-run,
am I a baseball that you’ve hit me? did you not see me walking home?
were you drinking? were you smoking? were you talking on the phone?

it is dark in this cold world, even the snow seems to fall fast,
in the school of hard knocks they tackle you when you don’t show hall-pass,
is this football that we’re playing? when shall we wake up to reality?
remove the covers, endure the cold, embrace Christ and get heat.

Inspirations: Christianity in China, John 10:12-13, Matt. 25:40

Speaking in Tongues

What better language to speak while living in this cold, dark world,
than the same language as the All-Consuming Fire, even God’s Word?
for He came to set a fire, and how He wishes that it was kindled!
therefore let Him have His way with your tongue which is like an ember,

there’s the gift of Holy Spirit and the baptism of the Holy Spirit,
it’s one thing to drink water, but how would you like to swim in it?
thereby becoming like the Swordfish of the Spirit, the Fish of Truth,
your tongue like a gold coin, drawing people to Him like worm on hook,

like the teeth may chatter when cold water is poured upon someone,
likewise may tongues be spoken when the Holy Spirit comes upon them,
bringing fire to wood, giving warmth to everyone in the house,
and when the enemy sets his then pour water that his may be doused,

like the enemy is a drip drop to us, the Word’s a drip drop to him,
therefore that your pipes don’t freeze let your faucet drip,
God’s Word is as oil to the hinges, even air to the lungs,
therefore be filled with His breath and speak the language of love,

One who lives on earth speaks earth-language, one in heaven heaven’s words,
and a mexican may speak spanish, yet when in america have english learned,
so it is with us who have come from Him, and now roam on the earth,
why would children of God not speak with the tongue of their Father?

Do not forbid the speaking of tongues, neither cast a slur at the Master,
Remember Gamaliel? do not those who go against God reap disasters?
a soft tongue turns away wrath like a rudder may guide a ship,
therefore let One greater than Moses speak, the Faithful Ambassador,

God is not a man that He would pray as a man. His prayers are perfect prayers,
Holy Spirit prays according to the will of God. Why would the Father not answer?
such is not babbling, neither the enemy speaking, nor is it a vain repetition,
but a weapon in the hands of the Marksman, every target hit by an Arrow of the Spirit,

the ball is pitched, the mark is hit, one sitting falls into the dunk tank,
when tongues is prayed 9-1-1 is called and God responds that you may be saved,
wellsprings of Living Water ascend to the throne to set the captives free,
to prepare to receive Jesus even your heart, and the hearts of your family,

like one may say, “uh,” or “um,” or “da-da-da” when they don’t know what to say,
likewise through tongues one may fill in the blanks when they don’t know what to pray,
such is like expansion and expoundation, even God speaking at the end of Psalm 91,
even good and comfortable words like He spoke in the book of Zechariah to the angel,

children may start off with “da da,” and continue their syllable talk,
the more they speak the more comfortable they get using their tongue,
likewise is it with tongues, loaves and fish multiplied fill baskets,
the lips of wisdom feed many as one speaks their heavenly language,

God Almighty thinks and it is. He even speaks and it comes to pass,
He can even interpret His word like Belshazzar witnessed Daniel,
so even if you’re mistaken to be drunken like Hannah or those in the book of acts,
you’ll be a person under the best divine saturation one could have,

God gave tongues to liberate us from ourselves and our finite minds,
that we may have His thoughts, His mouth, His heart, and His mind,
members of righteousness, our temple being guided by who guided His,
that our light would so shine before men and glorify our Father in heaven,

when you pray in tongues great secrets and wisdom are released into your consciousness,
you’re updated by the Lord of Host on spiritual matters and especially the ways of darkness,
did not Elisa update the king of Israel? Is not the Holy Spirit greater?
are you not a king? was the Word not a prophet? can the Father not update you?

The Lord commanded us to make a joyful noise & sing new songs,
and what noise is more joyful than the voice of God?
and what easier way to sing a new song than in tongues?
Does God not make all things new? has He changed at all?

Inspiration: 1 Cor. 14:39, Ps. 91:6, Acts 19:6

Can you find any others?

Lust Conceived Sin

I in my lifetime have given into more than ten thousand temptations,
I have witnessed many Adam and Eves realize they were no longer naked,
I used my imagination for evil, as a director my entire vision was skewed,
a murderer I was, treating people like movies the way I would shoot them,

before the tongue of my mind ever tasted stolen bread from the market stall,
like Paul’s sister’s son I had much to say from what I heard and saw,
I like the curious archaeologist I was stumbled upon perverted hieroglyphics,
and unfortunately read them like braille when I got my hands on them,

I was fascinated by fire like a pyromaniac with candles and matches,
thus the light had blinded me like Paul on the road to Damascus,
others around me were made speechless by what they heard, truth be told
they were bystanders that inhaled smoke as I made music in my studio,

it was like a mist that came from the earth and watered the ground,
a mad scientist was I spraying chemicals, forming crust above clouds,
the leader of a heavy metal band was I tampering with the idle mind,
and felt like a god in that I got a high from worship and being idolized,

from the window of my casement I saw a woman void of understanding,
men would come and go like the diner had service twenty-four seven,
she wore the same uniform every time like I do now going to work,
as long as there is demand there shall be supply is what I learned,

many are the men and women taken captive by the porn industry,
likewise the boys and girls dependent chemically, dead spiritually,
many times had lust conceived saying like Bathsheba, “I am with child,”
the word going to David saying, “the sword shall not depart from your house,”

neither kingdom nor house divided against itself is able to stand,
therefore the knife goes from the neck to the head, shaving him, sapping strength,
two pillars nearby end up being in the left and right hand of a Samson,
then unholy spirits empower him to bring down everyone serving Dagon,

whether David and Bathsheba, Samson and Delilah, or older woman looking for fun,
man with man, woman with woman, either with both or animal, even more than one,
I can’t say anything about anyone because of what I myself have done,
from Lost to the Cross I’ve returned to my Father like the prodigal son.

Inspirations: James 1:15, 2 Samuel 11:5,

A Helping Hand

I got to help out a woman one time while going home from kansas,
many rejected her, but I accepted her and picked up her bags,
like Simon of Cyrene I walked with her like he had Jesus,
she offered me 30 silver like Judas but I didn’t receive it,

animals in nature play-fight but many do not mean to draw blood,
but like Cain slayed Abel, so do some sharks others in the womb,
what struck me in football was sometimes I’d strike and they wouldn’t get up,
it was like a ton of weight was put upon them and they couldn’t do a sit up,

neither stand up, because of me they needed a helping hand like a man stuck,
I stood still looking at them like waiting for the game as someone sang the national anthem,
I saw many lose their lives in the line of duty and didn’t like the duty,
I felt unsafe on the road like it was filled with 16 year olds with a license to kill,

therefore as I sat in the passenger’s seat I was uneasy behind his wheel,
the will of my father, and felt I had no choice but to do what simon says,
very blue was I like a woman who had white clothing stained red like wine was spilled,
and was extremely uncomfortable like a bride tight in her wedding dress,

but what is one to do when they’re married to Nabal as an Abagail?
speak neither good or bad like Laban, that night having slept on a bed of nails,
and have light footsteps like gliding insects, walk on water as Peter,
badly beaten, endure the cross, hungering for more like you haven’t eaten in weeks,

short on cash with nothing to eat that’s when you long for a helping hand,
I’ve begged for crumbs that fall from the Master’s table like the Canaanite woman did,
even have limped around middle school having fallen into a hole and sprained my ankle,
but who’d risk their life to snatch a girl from a car amidst twisters and tornadoes?

God Himself came down for me like He came down for Job and spoke to me,
told me He’d make me a harvest hand for Him only if I was willing,
that it would be very painful, to remember the holes in His hands and feet,
for even Michael was beaten while lead singer of the Jackson family.

Therefore like a strike from a reed to the head or fire to the hair,
whether or not I feel the presence of God I am to walk like He is there,
so, though bruised severely while helping my dad I’ve signed up to be a helping hand,
that those who have them both may not be hindered from escaping hell.

Inspirations: Matthew 23:4, Matthew 5:30, Mark 15:21